7 Custom T-Shirt Design Ideas to Make You Stand Out

T-shirts have become a staple of every wardrobe. Male or female, shirts are comfortable, basic, and unassuming. But that doesn’t always have to be the case.

With the right design, shirts can be attention-grabbing, too, creating a fashion statement that goes beyond the comfortable basic. Here are some cool ways a shirt can be designed to make you stand out:

Look into the Cut

Start with the cut – specifically multiple ones. Round necked t-shirts are the norm – but there’s also V neck styles or square types. Multiple t-shirt cuts give the wearer the option to choose the style that works best for their body type. Remember – these shirts are meant to stand out in the crowd and you can only do that if the wearer feels ultra-confident about what they’re wearing.



Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic designs seem to be the range nowadays but not any minimalist design will do. You’ll have to flex your creative muscles and try to come up with something that grabs the attention without being overly loud about it. Minimalist designs are often characterized by the use of simple colors and basic shapes that do not overload the senses. This kind of design is very easy for the mind to process and therefore wonderfully memorable.

Pump up with Colors

Flowers display tons of colors as a way to grab attention – and you can do the exact same thing. The design can be placed all over the t-shirt, creating a full-boy brand that can be seen from practically any side of the t-shirt. This creates a deep focal point that can’t be ignored in any location thanks to the vibrant colors. A raised print should also make the t-shirt more distinctive although you’ll have to warn people about the proper washing to keep that design intact.

Make it Witty

Statement shirts are still in style. You just have to be more creative with the statements you wish to put on the surface. If you’re looking to promote your brand using the t-shirt, make sure to somehow mesh the statement with the message your brand is trying to convey. For example, Nike’s “Just Do It” is hard to ignore and is instantly recognizable when placed on any promotional material. You can do the same thing – but using your own style.

To Fad or Not to Fad

There are two ways you can approach fad when it comes to custom tshirt. You can either use it or you can ignore it completely. Fads are instances, words, or events that experienced a huge hike in popularity and then went away again. A good example would be the fidget spinner. Now, your promotional t-shirt can use a fad if the sole intention is to promote a single event. If this is going to be a one-time promotion, there’s nothing wrong with using a fad to your advantage. But what if you intend for this t-shirt to serve a long-term promotional need? If that’s the case, you want to stick to a more classic and brand-related design. Opt for something that really connects with your audience and can be worn multiple times.

Sizing is Important

Of course, your t-shirts should come in different sizes. Again, this goes back to the level of comfort and confidence the t-shirt gives to the wearer. You want your promotional material to be worn with complete confidence. It’s like creating shirts that make every wearer a walking poster for the brand. For this reason, you want these t-shirts to fit, mold, and flatter the figure of whatever person puts them on.

folded t-shirts


Don’t Skimp on a Good Artist

The success or failure of promotional t-shirts rely heavily on the design placed on the surface. Hence, don’t scrimp on the cost of the design. You want to get someone who knows exactly what they’re doing and can deliver a creative output that meets the needs of the brand. Make sure to set aside a good budget for this and communicate the kind of message you want the design to deliver to your target audience.

Finally, don’t forget that t-shirts are the ultimate comfort clothing, which means that the fabric has to feel good on the skin. Do not scrimp on quality materials and you’ll find that your shirts will be much appreciated.

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